4EvaSeal速 Multi-Purpose Tape

4EvaSeal速 Multi-Purpose TapeMulti-Purpose 4EvaSeal速 Tape

  • 4EvaSeal速 Multi-Purpose tape can be provided in a variety of colors (white, black, gray, tan) and is used to seal holes and repair single ply membranes such as TPO, PVC, etc.
  • Multi-Purpose tapes are UV resistant and come with a backing that is 23% thicker than the leading competitors. This additional thickness provides more material to protect your roof from the elements, UV exposure while offering other benefits. This added protection results in longer-term performance than competitive materials.
  • Multi-Purpose tape can also be used on an RV to stop water intrusion. The most common application is on the roof and slide-outs to seal the perimeters and penetrations.


Features & Benefits

4EvaSeal Variaty of colors 4EvaSeal UV Extreme Conditions RV Roof Conditions
Varietyof colors and sizes UV resistant Protects RV roofs and slide outs


Use4EvaSeal 速 Multi-Purpose Tape For:

Tarps & Vapor Barriers

Roofing & Metal Buildings



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