PrimersCIM EMT Primer:

  • CIM EMT Primer is a two-component, 97% solids moisture tolerant epoxy coating formulated as a primer for porous surfaces
  • Used in combination with CIM high performance coatings to green concrete

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CIM eco imageCIM ECO Epoxy Primer:

  • Is a two-component solvent-free epoxy coating formulated for porous and non-porous surfaces such as concrete, wood, steel, aluminum, and other metals. 

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PrimersCIM VOC Compliant Bonding Agent:

  • CIM VOC Compliant Bonding Agent is an organo-silane compound dispersed in acetone
  • Improves adhesion of CIM high performance Coatings to non-porous substrates

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  • Two-component epoxies primarily used to limit outgassing or bubbling on porous substrates such as concrete.
  • Can be used to maintain the blasted surface on prepared metal surfaces.
  • CIM EMT Primer is a solvent-free epoxy that is moisture tolerant and can be used to lower water vapor transmission rates on concrete substrates, multiple penetrations or most geotextiles.

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