Mixing Blade for 5-gallon kitMixing Blade for 5-gallon kit:

Eight inch (8″) mud mixer used to mix CIM coatings

Mixing JigsMixing Jigs:

Mixing jigs are designed to fit over 5-gallon pails of CIM coatings. Mixing drills are fastened to the jig using pre-drilled holes.

  • Mixing jigs limit fatigue and ensure that CIM materials are properly mixed.
  • mixing jigs should not be used for CIM 1000 Trowel Grade.

Mixing TimerMixing Timer:

The CIM mixing timer is a rugged, industrial quality timer which ensures three (3) minutes of mix time.

  • CIM mixing timers are often used in conjunction with CIM mixing jigs.

Rubber Notched SqueegeesRubber Notched Squeegees:

Sturdy neoprene rubber notched squeegees available in nominal 20 mil and 60 mil sizes.

  • Notched squeegees are the fastest and most efficient method to apply CIM coatings to horizontal surfaces.

CIM supporting tools:

  • Have been designed specifically for the use of CIM coatings.
  • They are designed to make the coating process fast and efficient.

For further information contact CIM Industries.

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