waterproofing with CIM industries

High Performance Waterproofing

CIM high-performance materials are used to waterproof critical spaces and provide long-term protection where other systems fail. As is the case with all CIM materials, they are easily applied and provide a durable, seamless elastomeric barrier that is both ultraviolet (UV) stable and volatileorganic compound (VOC) compliant. CIM materials may be applied directly to many substrates including asphalt. This impermeable barrier easily guards against ponding water and immersion. CIM products are a liquid applied and will form to irregularly shaped surfaces and around penetrations.CIM products are very tough, often does not require drainage mat, protection course, and root barrier.

Waterproofing applications with CIM materials include:

Pedestrian decks Parking decks Planter boxes
Below grade waterproofing Water storage tanks Membrane terminations
Between slab waterproofing Joint and crack repair Runway repair
Green roofs Flat roofs Helicopter Pads
Shower pans Plaza decks Podium decks

Product Approvals

Waterproofing Waterproofing IAPMO
Green Roof Membranes/Roof Barriers (FLL test) – Complies with IBC (International Building Code) – Complies with UPC (Uniformed Plumbing Code)

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