Hot Applied Tapes

TC 20

TC? 20 C A 58 mil, hot applied, coal tar tape used to coat new construction, girth welds, bends, tees and fittings and for reconditioning existing construction. For use below grade for service temperatures up to 120F (49C).

  • Application temperatures down to 0F (-17C)
  • Excellent abrasion, impact, and soil stress resistance
  • Adheres to most substrates and coatings
  • Resistant to incidental exposure to oil and gas.
  • Minimal surface preparation
  • Meets ANSI/AWWA C203, NACE SP0109 (Hot Applied Tape), and Federal Specification HHT-30



Is a hot-applied asphalt tape coating system provides corrosion protection to critical infrastructure within the oil, natural gas, water, and other associated industries.

  • Excellent resistance to cathodic disbonding.
  • Excellent adhesion to pipe and self.
  • Good impact resistance.
  • Conforms to irregular fittings.
  • Minimal surface preparation as compared with other coating systems.
  • Compatible with most other common pipe coating systems.
  • Ease of application


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