Aerospace & Military

Military and aerospace applications often push technologies to their limits. Levels of integration have increased with growing demands for greater packaging densities and reduced weight and increased reliability over a wider range of operational parameters.

One of the challenges most unique to military and aerospace electronics is the high value of and length of service expected of these assemblies, often being 20-30 years.


, HumiSeal and Dualite, offer mitigation solutions, preventing degradation to the assembly from the external environment.Aerospace

Conformal Coatings,?Potting Compounds, Adhesives & ?are used to provide protection of critical components and applications such as:

  • Electronic warfare (EW)
  • Radar Communications
  • Cockpit?electronics

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Microspheres:? offers lightweight, density, sound dampening, and an increase of flexibility?of:

  • Adhesives & coatings utilized in the airspace and military industry.

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