White Goods

High reliability of todays white goods industry demands superior electronics protection coatings, encapsulants, and tough structural adhesives.??? Chemical attack protection, UL certification, variation in functional operating temperature, vibration or mechanical shock dampening, and intellectual property safeguarding are the increasing requirements from OEM design teams.?? The rapid growth in the smart appliances and the increasing use of variable frequency, direct drive motors, energy savings along with natural resources management, create the need for increased number of circuit boards and the use of protective materials.?? Furthermore, DFM constraints require a set of materials for rapid and cost-efficient process development.

offer the maximum protection for electronics that require household and industrial cleaning agent chemical, moisture, and airborne particles.?? Products specifically designed for the white goods industry include:

  • (heat and moisture curable),
  • synthetic rubber (heat cure) and
  • acrylated?urethanes (UV curable).

White goods products require adhesives and encapsulation solutions that provide ultimate strength, durability, and protection against mechanical agitation.

include structural flexible or tough bonding, while encapsulation products include partial or full potting liquids.?? Standard products and customary formulations provide many users ideal product sets for ease of manufacturing.